Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 1 post op

So......we're only one day post op but it feels like the surgery was days ago!  Today was just okay.  Lincoln is still improving better than we had hoped but he is just struggling a little.  I think he is maxed out on people messing with him.  They had to wake him up every hour last night and he wasn't feeling well anyways so that made for a moody 5 year old today.  He was just not acting like himself and at one point he was crying and saying that this just wasn't fair.  Normally, saying something is not fair doesn't go over very well at our house.  That is just a phrase that irritates me.  But today, I had to agree with him.  It isn't fair.  It isn't fair that he is having to go through all of this again.  Sometimes you just need to let a good cry out and let yourself be sad.  I think that's what he needed to do today.  

His preK teacher, Ms. Chris, came and brought him an abundant amount of toys and games to play.  She also brought cards that every kid in his class colored for him.  It was so cute!!!  We were then surprised to see Lincoln's old baseball coach and his family at the door.  They brought Lincoln's baseball trophy (that I hadn't picked up from them yet.. #momfail).  We have just been so lucky to meet the sweetest people through our kids.  

They decided to take his drain out today.  He was freaking out a little about it but ended up not making a sound when they pulled it out.  He is just the bravest boy.  I am so proud of him!  It may have helped that his BFF Rocco and Sunny were standing outside the door waiting to play.  We made our way down to the game room and there were volunteers there to play with the kids.  Say what?!  I wonder how I get them to come to my house after a long day??!?!   I think Rocco and Sunny may want to come back and play every night now! Haha!  Seeing those two and getting out of the room was so good for him tonight.  (It was also good for us to see their parents...don't know what we would do without the Gore clan!!!)  He is now sound asleep and I am hoping he can get some rest tonight so he has a better day tomorrow.  It's so hard seeing him sad.  Once again, thank you for the love and prayers. 

       Lincoln got some pretty sweet balloons from our friends at Wiatr & Associates!
                                 The source of all the drama today: the dreaded drain!!!!!
                                                         Reunited with Queen V
                                                         She was a little curious.....
       Probably the sweetest PreK teacher. .Ms. Chris helping brighten Lincoln's day! :)
Heart eyes!
                          Rocco and Lincoln... they'd spend every day together if they could!
Uncle Ben, I see you!

                                               Getting up and walking for the first time.

My soul sister Sunny creating her village!!

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