Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Night 1

Poor Lincoln didn't have the best night last night.  His belly was hurting, he had over 200cc's in his bladder but couldn't pee, he wanted to go home and he just didn't understand why we let them do this to him.  He had been dry heaving and finally just vomited and I think that gave him some relief.  He also couldn't handle drinking anything else so we had to insert his medicine in a new place for him, that was interesting.  Today we are praying that he gets some relief and starts to feel better.  He woke up in good spirits and I am hoping last night was the worst of it.

It just doesn't seem fair that he has to experience all of this again.  I wish it were me or Logan in the bed instead of him.  Preferably Logan.  I already had 2 c sections. Haha.  He is one tough little guy though.  I think we will be moving out of the PICU soon and up to a regular room. This means our own bathroom and more than a few visitors at a time!  Also, he can finally see Violet!!!  He spent a solid 15 minutes crying for her last night.  In the middle of it all he yelled, "I just want to feel like Lincoln Mize again!"  Me too, buddy.

                    He thought putting on his own clothes would help him feel better.

         My friend Kristin got me this blanket and our friend Heather got this one for Lincoln.                                             Great minds think alike, ladies!  So special.

                 Morning snuggles with Dad.  It's a new day and its time to feel better!

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