Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Surgery day

Just some pre op pics for ya.  I am so proud of this guy.  He was all smiles through everything so far.  He even watched them take his blood yesterday.  Crazy!!  If you know Lincoln, you know that this was a surprise to us.  He doesn't usually handle any sort of pain very well.  Haha!  

We just got an update from the doctor and he should be out of surgery in about an hour.  So far so good!  Praying we get to see him soon and that it all went as planned.  Lincoln was so cute in the holding room.  He told Logan and I that Violet and him have their own language.  He said, "When Violet says something like blah blah bloo it means that she wants a pork chop biscuit sandwich from Arby's!"  Haha!  I don't think the kid has ever eaten at Arby's.  I am crediting his swim coach for that line.  (Montgomery & Kristin, you know the story haha!!)  All of the nurses thought he was very handsome and said he will be fighting the girls off with a stick one day.  I think he liked hearing that comment.  ;)  I'll try to post with his progress tonight.  We ended up not using his ribs because he was going to have to use slivers from multiple ribs and we were afraid they would end up dissolving since his skull never calcified in the first place.  I hope we made the right decision.  Even if we would have used his own bone he would have still needed plates & screws to hold it in place.  Ugh, there is no easy decision.  The biggest risk is that his body will reject the material but that has only happened 2 times in the Dr's 27 year career.  We struggled with knowing what to all tell Lincoln about this surgery but it turns out it was best to just be honest with him and talk to him like an adult.  I hope he wakes up knowing exactly what to expect and I pray we made the right decision.  If all goes as planned this should be his last surgery.  

If you come to visit and can't find us this week, we are probably down at Ben & Jerry's eating our feelings.  

                                Looking at pictures of the operating room yesterday.

Getting his blood drawn... not even a flinch!

Right before they came to get him for surgery.

New shark blanket he got from Miss Heather.  He insisted on taking into the operating room with him!

                                                Coloring on the sheets. . .what!??!?!

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  1. Go Lincoln! Haddi & Wyatt are praying for you and love hearing how you are doing buddy! Hugs to you all! Love, The Brand Family