Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 1 post op

Lincoln had an ok night. For now he will not need another transfusion but they are keeping a close eye on his labs. Poor little buddy has a fever but is taking a bottle really well. You can tell how scared he is and it is heartbreaking. He got his bandage off just in time to get some visitors. The swelling has started and is expected to get worse throughout the day. I can't believe how different his forehead looks. I can't wait to get to hold him. Logan wouldn't leave his side but I had a pretty hard time being in the room because I felt so helpless. I can tell he likes hearing our voices and that they comfort him. That is all I can write now.....hard to put into words how I am feeling.

10:00am update

The fever is pretty normal the doctor said doesn't mean there is an infection. We are hoping it comes down as the Tylenol starts to kick in. We are now going to get the transfusion. Thank goodness we had a lot of donors because he needed more blood than they had anticipated in the operating room. Thank you for all the prayers for our little miracle! I am feeling stronger than I was last night. Thank goodness forLOgan. He is such a good dad....right by his side all night.

Noon update

Well unfortunately Lincoln was not able to receive any blood that we donated for him. .Something about the way they processed it is not compatible for babies. I am trying to not let this make me upset but it sounds like someone made a mistake so now he is getting a stranger's blood. As long as he gets better I really do not care whose blood he gets I guess. The nurse and Logan just helped Lincoln sit up. He opened his little eyes and looked over at us with the most desperate look on his face. It is seriously killing me to not pick him up and rock him. His fever is coming down but his swelling is getting worse. Tonight they think his eyes will be swollen shut and will probably stay that way for a couple days. He looks nothing like the happy baby we brought to the hospital. Our nurses and doctors have been wonderful. .thank goodness! Right now he looks peaceful ...he is snoring and his whimpering has stopped. Prayers are working! I can't say thank you enough.


  1. Jill, Logan, and little Lincoln,
    Many prayers going out to you all. You guys were the first thing I thought of when I woke this morning and I am so glad you updated. What a little trooper!!!

  2. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You are very strong! Hang in there, it will be better soon.

  3. That Lincoln is a strong little guy!! (His mom and dad are pretty tough too.) Prayers are storming the gates of heaven...he's in wonderful hands. Love ya!

  4. You guys are so amazingly strong, i can't imagine how hard it must be to not be able to hold and comfort him.... Thoughts and prayers still with you guys... God will give you the strength to get through -lindsay hahn.