Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 3 post op

7:00am. 61 hours post op

We had an excellent night!!! It felt so good to get more than two consecutive hours of sleep. I slept in the fold out chair in his room and Logan slept on the floor. Now that is how you know he was tired....the guy who is afraid of hospitals is laying on the floor! Lincoln really only fussed when the nurse had to mess with him. I think his swelling actually looks a little better this morning....such a relief. We are hoping that today he is going to start at least drinking again. Our other goal is to get him to have a bowel movement. That term grosses me out so let me change it to poop. We want him to poop! So he will get some colace and we will see if that does the trick. We were worried he was nauseous yesterday so last night he got some zofran and I think that really helped him calm down. The poor little guy had not eaten anything and was getting Tylenol with codeine every 6 hours. They also took him off the morphine and switched him to oxycodone. I woke up to a vanilla latte and that is a friend who knows what I like! If Lincoln were awake he would probably eat two of these in no time. I can't wait to get my little buddy back. I have a feeling it's going to be a great day!

Lincoln woke up thirsty.... Apple juice yum yum! Answered prayers.


I drank half of dad's vegetable juice!


It looks like Lincoln is taking advantage of nap time in dad's arms! I think he is going on hour three. We are too scared to switch because he looks so peaceful. No new news except that we feel like the happiest mom and dad ever! We found the hair they shaved off and it still makes me a little sad. I just loved his little blonde curls.


We knew today was too good to be true. Lincoln has the beginning of a possible pressure ulcer on his cute little baby butt. They had him sitting up in that carseat for 48hours straight so it really is no surprise. Way to go auntie Kaitlin for finding it! Still, today has been a great day. Lincoln ate a big lunch, drank a lot of fluids and passed out on mama. So many sweet visitors.... It is so nice to see fresh faces around here!


  1. Heard you guys finally got to hold your baby again!!! A hug delights and warms and charms,
    that must be why God gave us arms.
    ~Author Unknown

  2. You have one sweet little guy! I'm so glad to hear he is doing better! You guys are constantly in my thoughts.