Thursday, August 2, 2012

Missing My Baby Cuddles

It is now 4:15 am and It has been 34 hours since Lincoln got out of surgery.  Just like they promised he is pretty much unrecognizable. Even his skin smells like a hospital.  I finally got Logan to leave the room so he could try to get some sleep.  I fell asleep on the pull out chair in Lincoln's room and when I woke up he was sitting in the rocking chair right by Linoln's crib just watching him.  Logan always surprises me when it comes to Lincoln.  He would do anything for him and has stayed so strong on the outside. I know this is killing him like it is killing me but he keeps saying "Lincoln needs us." Every time I hear Lincoln's cry it's exactly how I feel. I know it is torture for him to be able to hear us and not be able to see us or be in our arms. If we would have never had this surgery we would be at home with our baby who would probably be waking up soon and wanting to come into our bed for snuggle time. I may or may not have trained him to love cuddling! Instead, I feel like we are in a torture chamber. I can't imagine going another whole day without holding him. .just sit here and watch him be scared and frustrated. Please pray that somehow Lincoln will know he is safe.

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  1. Do not underestimate the power of a kind or encouraging word, the voice of a loved one or simply just your presence in the room. In times like these, I have experienced how much these "little" things make a HUGE difference. Lincoln knows you are watching over him and doing all you can to take care of him. Hang in there!