Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 5 post op... The roller coaster continues!


I feel like I did this time last year after having a new baby. The adrenaline has worn off, I could cry at any point in time for no reason and I have not got a good night's sleep in about a week! Oh, I also feel just as jiggly since I ate my body weight in baked goods. We had a rough night. Lincoln did not want to sleep in that carseat so we had to take turns sitting up with him. He had to get a new IV in his left hand which was so hard to watch. He looked as purple as an oomploompa from crying so hard. His pain has definitely increased today and it is so hard to see him this way. But I do have some breaking news......he filled his pants! It looked a little painful but I am glad he got that situation worked out! His PTT was high and they are worried that he may be at risk for bleeding. The hematology team came in for a consult and we are running more tests today. We will also take Lincoln to them in a month just to make sure he doesn't have a mild bleeding disorder. The doctor said he would be surprised if he did. That is all for now... I am going to enjoy him being in a happy mood!


Someone send entertainment! We are going stir crazy!


We may get to go home tomorrow! I am happy and scared to leave. I think it may take an army to watch him now. His labs came back normal and that is such a relief! Lincoln still seems to be in quite a bit of pain. Hopefully we can keep that managed at home. The little girl next to us had the same surgery Tuesday morning right before Lincoln. She is so sweet and cute! This was her second surgery and they think she may require another. The poor baby was born at 24 weeks and she has had her fair share of hospital stats. I just wanted to hug her mom. You could see the emotional and physical exhaustion on her face.

Lincoln has been acting himself more but is terrified to be touched by anyone he doesn't know now. When the nurse walks in he immediately cries, waves bye to her and gets real mad when she doesn't leave! When I hold him now he locks his arm into mine and grips me so hard I have marks from his nails. He is so scared and it is the saddest thing. Hopefully soon this will go away.

Kaitlin, Logan and I went outside and had our own gymnastic competition. I won the freestyle. Pretty proud of my performance. The nurses could probably see us and that is why they are planning on discharging us.

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