Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 6 post op

We are going home today!!! Lincoln is doing so good. His labs are normal, he is eating and drinking, he is pooping (finally!) and we have figured out how to manage his pain. I think when we get home in his own environment he is going to really come to life.

We have been so spoiled having our families in town. Logan's parents had to leave Thursday but will be back to watch Lincoln next weekend. Grandpa Martin left yesterday and we were sad to see him go...especially since he never gets tired of entertaining Lincoln. Auntie Kaitlin and Grandma Martin will be here the rest of the week. We miss being able to see them anytime we want. It is so fun to see Lincoln get to know them better! When we got to the PCCU the nurse said, "Your moms came up here and took a tour earlier. They are very ....... prepared." Logan and I both laughed, apologized and agreed. She then told us not to apologize and that she wished she had parents like that. We are very lucky!


We are home!


  1. Amen. He looks wonderfully healthy and happy. So happy you are at home now. Still thinking of you and saying prayers for Baby Lincoln. xoxo

  2. Gotta love Scout (the dog)! He comes along with us a lot of places! If you haven't programmed him to say little Lincoln's name you just have to! It's so cute and I'm sure he will just love it!